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Guaranteed yield - 4.2%

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1010.5 EUR

Term: 3 months

Return of investment 21.02.2019

Buy back - 100%Part of claim which is guaranteed by the lender

Features of this package:
  • 100% BuyBack if loan being delinquent 60 days
  • Guaranteed return from 4%
  • Low-risk loans in this package
Suitable for investors who are new to P2P loans
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Yield: from 4.7% to 8.8% per annumThe annual gross interest rate is interest paid to investors and it excludes estimated bad debts. Your actual annual gross interest rate may be lower or higher depending on the actual loans included in the selected portfolio.

Expected return:

1011.9 min < 1022 max

Term: 3 months

Return of investment 21.02.2019

Buy back - 95%Part of claim which is guaranteed by the lender. Capital is not guaranteed in this package, only partial guarantee.

Features of this package:
  • 95% BuyBack if loan being delinquent 60 days
  • Mix of low and mid risk loans
Suitable for investors who have experience of investing in P2P loans, and who want higher returns
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Yield: from 9.5% to 12.7% per annumThe annual gross interest rate is interest paid to investors and it excludes estimated bad debts. Your actual annual gross interest rate may be lower or higher depending on the actual loans included in the selected portfolio.

Expected return:

1023.84 min < 1031.75 max

Term: 3 months

Return of investment 21.02.2019

Buy back - 90%Part of claim which is guaranteed by the lender. Capital is not guaranteed in this package, only partial guarantee.

Features of this package:
  • 90% BuyBack if loan being delinquent 60 days
  • With higher risk appetite
Suitable for experienced investors looking for the highest available rates of return
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P2P Investment with Ekassa Is Profitable and Reliable

P2P investments are a way of getting loans and lending money by two persons without a third party (a bank). As a result, everybody is happy, the lender and the borrower. Despite the forecasts of bank disbelievers, this kind of investment becomes more popular. With us, you will be able to evaluate all advantages of equitable lending.

Peer to Peer Investing. The Tenets of Work

The financial crisis, income level falling and decreasing of the consuming ability make banks toughen the terms of lending and raise the rates. Natural services of peer to peer investment become a good alternative. After registration in the Ekassa service, a person has an ability to invest a sum and expect profits according to the chosen campaign. An investor can start gaining profits beginning literally with 10 Euros.

The requests sent by borrowers pass through the scoring process which determines their paying capacity and default risks which are then gathered into one general table. A lender chooses the most suitable P2P credit and invests in it. Then a borrower and a lender can control the process and follow the statistics on the personal account page. When the time of a loan comes to its end, a borrower pays the full sum and the selected interest rate, the lender gets his or her income.

Why Is P2P Profitable?

This financial cooperation provided by peer to peer companies is advantageous for both players. Ekassa offers lenders interesting products and interest rates, and the maximum comfort in their registration and money investment. To a borrower, a peer-to-peer investment grants an ability to get the needed funds.

The minimal time for the investor to get money from this p2p company equals just 30 days. For investors, P2P loans appear to be a great chance to increase incomes. The investments into micro-credits can bring high profits – in some cases, the predicted profit can reach 22%. A great number of borrowers allows an investor to choose the request to invest in. All documents are arranged only online, so neither a borrower nor an investor has to change the location for registering a peer to peer lending investment.

P2P Investment: European Trends for P2P Lending Companies

This is a relatively young service. The banks considered this service as well, but the financial establishments are not likely to develop the service. In order not to face a fake company and lose your money, use Ekassa to turn your opportunities into reality. Everything is honest and cooperation-oriented here.

The set of instruments is clear and simple, hidden payments are absent and there is a possibility to minimize risks by investing in different requests. All these make Ekassa a unique platform on the market to invest in peer to peer lending. P2P can be comfortable and profitable with Ekassa.

What Is P2P Direct Investment?

P2P investment (peer-to-peer lending or equal lending) is the direct financing of a borrower performed by a lender without any third parties, like banks or financial organizations. The system works owing to p2p companies that help to create agreements between lenders and borrowers, helping them finding each other and signing agreements about the mutual cooperation.

History of Direct Financing – Development in the USA and Europe

Peer to peer lending investing started developing rapidly in 2005. During the period between 2005-2006 in Great Britain and the USA, the founders of the system have invested over $13 billion. In 2016, the market of direct lending grew to $64 billion. P2P appeared much later, but for now, in almost every European country the volume of the direct credit market reaches at least $1 billion.

Now the P2P segment has the fastest rates of development in the financial sector. The average annual income reaches 120% and according to Morgan Stanley forecasts in 2020, it will reach $300 billion. Owing to simplicity and transparency of the P2P lending investment system it is used by millions of people over the world.

Why Is It Still Relevant?

The financial crisis, political changes, geopolitical moves and other factors which exist in Europe for a long time give birth to new financial directions in lending and seeking a reliable alternative investment platform. Banks have lowered their activity on the lending market. At the same time, the requirements became stricter for the borrowers.

The researches of interest rates of deposits in banks of various countries show the dramatic decline of the Euro programs. In many banks, the interest rate has decreased by 110% during the last 3-4 years. P2P investments become a prior way of additional income for the wider layer of the European population. In addition, their importance will only rise.

It will happen, in general, on account of the young population considering peer platforms a profitable, reliable and safe financial instrument. These are the main conclusions of the research, performed by one invest p2p lending service by polling independent investors from 15 different countries.

P2P ‘Comes to People’

In the poll conducted by our company not a long time ago, the representatives of European countries took part. The research proves the fact that the investors in the majority of cases do not belong to the highly specialized ‘professional’ community:

  • The majority of investors (52%) have less than one year of peer 2 peer investment experience, 33% - from one to three years.
  • The age ratios of investors: 40% are young people from 25 to 34 years old, and 31% are aged from 34 to 44 years. 72% are simple office workers, and 6% are still students.
  • At last, the monthly income of a half of them (52%) equals 2-5 thousand Euros, and for 20% - 1-2 thousand Euros. This is not a great sum according to European scales.
  • Only 2% of investors called themselves truly wealthy people and estimated their income as more than 10 thousand Euros.

A few years ago investing in peer to peer lending was indeed an instrument spread among the relatively narrow circle of financially wise and wealthy Europeans – professional investors. Today we can see a ‘change of generations’ and qualitative increase of the audience. Peer lending becomes a widely affordable, popular, and, first of all, among young people, a reliable way to improve the financial situation.

When they get (sometimes from time to time) a particular sum of free funds, they seek for opportunities to multiply it. To say more, the price for an ‘enter ticket’ into the world of alternative financing begins from several hundreds of Euros, and it is affordable almost for everyone.

73% of research participants said that the major source (more than 50%) of their incomes is salary. This fact proves the ‘democratic’ nature of this phenomenon. The other sources of funds to invest in P2P are considered to be added by the majority of participants.

However, the P2P investments can be distinguished by the leading position in the spreading rates of usage the less essential segments of personal ‘wallets’. In this context, they already overcome the securities, bank deposits and other means of passive income (for example, estate rent).

What Else Makes Investors Act?

Despite the main reason to prefer the P2P investment – the high ratios of income, respondents pointed out the additional features that attract them to using this financing instrument. In general, they concern safety and comfort mostly.

The research proves the existence of a high potential for the further development of alternative lending in Europe. This tendency is boosted by the interest in a simple and reliable source of additional income, the absence of essential limits connected with income rates and positive experience of cooperation with P2P platforms.