100% safe investments in P2P loans with high returns

100% safe investments in P2P loans with returns of up to 13%

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Reasons for You to Become a Member of One of the Best P2P Investment Sites

Lending money to the registered members of Ekassa platform is possible with a small sum of free funds starting with 10 Euros. You can learn about the existing projects anytime you want and choose the most desirable one according to the time of lending, interest rate, chance and percentage of a Buyback feature.

  • Lent money brings more profits than all European banks can.
  • You can take part in an unlimited number of loans.
  • You can save your money with a BuyBack option.

Advice: dividing the existing sum of free money by multiple packages of different borrowers will increase the general profits on account of minimizing the risks. Perform lending by relatively little sums: lend small sums to different people, it will raise the incomes on the P2P platform.

The information granted to the members of Ekassa is highly protected by laws and regulations. The confidentiality of the information used to create a personal profile is guaranteed. The lending is confidential as well.

Best peer to peer lending for investors performed by Ekassa is a relatively new, but reliable and trustworthy mean of the financial relationship, which excludes mediation by a soulless bank machine.

5 Reasons to Use P2P with Ekassa

Here are some more interesting facts for you that support your decision. Why Ekassa is considered to be the best P2P lending investment platform in Europe:

  • You Know Where Your Money Belongs - you invest into not a nameless organization which covers the ways it uses your money. You know whom, with what interest rate and with what details you finance somebody.
  • Official Documentation - the contracts are signed online officially, so you always protect your investments here, at the best p2p lending for investors.
  • The Simplicity of Cooperation - direct investment is a profitable and simple way to invest money. You can get the lending conditions which are comfortable for you. There is no need to obtain huge knowledge about lending and finances.
  • Borrower Check - before recommending a borrower to investors our specialists estimate him or her with all possible legal instruments. They evaluate the financial state of a borrower and his/her paying capacity
  • All-around Consulting - we perform consultations concerning the best investment strategy. We help investors choose the most comfortable and the safest way to get incomes according to their short- and long-term preferences. We perform a legal check of all projects available on a platform as well.

These are not all advantages of Ekassa platform. You can learn more during registration and first consultations with our managers.

1Choose amount and duration


Please choose how much you want to invest, from €10 to €2,000



How long do you want to invest for?

2Choose your desired return

9% - 11%This is the return you could expect, excluding estimated bad debts. The actual return may be higher or lower depending on the loans in the portfolio
100% Buy back
Not guaranteed income
Expected return The expected return is calculated by taking investment amount, annual min an max expected return and a period of investment. Interest in this package isn`t guaranteed.
3270.73 - 3330.90 EUR
7.4%The annual gross interest rate. Guaranteed for this product
100% Buy back
Guaranteed income
Guaranteed return Return is guaranteed for this product
3222.60 EUR

How it works

Add funds
Fast and easy registration
Transfer money in EUR
Choose one of 2 packages based on risk and return
Start earning up to 13% a year
Fast and easy registration
Add funds
Transfer money in EUR
Choose one of 2 packages based on risk and return
Start earning up to 13% a year

Our benefits


    Our Autoinvest functionality automatically diversifies your investment to spread your risk


    Get your investment back at any time, so you stay in control


    Our "Guaranteed Package" offers a guaranteed return from 7% on your investment


    Market-beating rates of up to 13% a year with our high-return "Profitable Package"

Investments with High Income Rates: Cheese in a Mouse Trap or a Real Way to Make Money?

Only investments with interest rates higher than average bank ratios can be considered as having high incomes. In this case, just one lucky investment in one week can bring an income higher than an income from a bank for half a year. Investments with high-income rates are always connected with risks, so you should make them particularly accurately. However, with a strategy called 'Guaranteed' you can get rid of all risks and have a confident income.

What High-Income Investment Opportunities Exist?

There are several general types of programs that can be named:

  • HYIP programs.
  • Trader Investment.
  • P2P investment.

We can add the betting business into the list - as one bet can make you much richer or 'destroy' your investment.

HYIP Programs or Financial Pyramids

These are well known investments with a monthly income formed on account of new investments. The period of existence of such projects can last only for one week. That is why the main rule of such investment is timely entering and timely exit. The ideal time for making an investment is when the first real investors get their incomes.

However, avoiding such projects is the wisest policy.

Trader Investments

This is a high-income investment, which implies lending your funds to an experienced trader. When he or she accumulates the required sum, the stock exchange trades begin. According to the results, the income is divided among all investors correspondingly to the sums of lent money. The material losses will be mutual as well.

You all have to learn everything about Forex 'machinations' by heart to control all operations performed. If you do not know anything about stocks - entering the market will be complicated.

P2P Investment

We can call it the highest income investments without an overestimation. For example, on the platform Ekassa, some contracts can reach a 10,30% return per year. The essence is the principle - one person lends money to another person without mediators.

There are many advantages of such a method:

  • You must not be a professional investor or gain a special education.
  • Best p2p lending platforms for investors have relatively low risks of investment.
  • There is a possibility to lower the risks.
  • The absence of mediation allows offering more attractive interest rates both for borrowers and investors.
  • The operations are performed on the Internet - in your home.

However, everything has got its pros and cons. Which the best peer to peer investment platforms have? Continue reading and you all know everything.

Advantages and Disadvantages of P2P Investments

P2P is called one of the up-to-date means of getting passive incomes. It is not a surprise that this sphere develops fast. Our company gives you an opportunity to invest your money instantly, safely and profitably. Why making money with us is so awesome?

First of all, think about the confidence of your investments. The company uses the already tested approach to risk evaluation. We use only contemporary means of evaluation of the paying capacity of a borrower and implementing strategies for your convenience.

Secondly, P2P can provide you with a high rate of incomes. Nowadays banks can offer not more than 5%, and our platform can make you 13.00% richer.

The third aspect - control and usage of your money. Specialists of the platform will control how investor as money will be used according to the chosen strategy. For this, we implement the financial and legal consulting.

And the last one - infestations without worrying. This is a great chance to invest your money and make them work for you without excessive bureaucracy.

Here are some minor factors that will definitely add weight on the 'yes' scale. Taking part in P2P investment programs will grant you with some additional features:

  • An ability to operate with the money of any amount, even the smallest one
  • A wide range of available strategies and opportunities, which allows creating a personal approach to investment strategies
  • An ability to withdraw funds right after a finish of a program
  • Getting a money return potential right after the financial operation
  • No need to buy any additional equipment or pass through any specialized studying
  • A relatively high ratio of personal money importance, in other words, a potentially big number of clients
  • The absence of any age, educational or other limits for making investments

With our platform, any person can become an investor. With relatively simple principles of work, you have a chance to make money from your investments maximally fast.

Should you start investing when a crisis still lasts? Specialists claim that unstable financial conditions in Europe will promote bigger money flow into the P2P sector. Even more, they say that this sphere can be the only one that will show stable growth. In particular, the growth of the sphere volume will be seen every 5 years.

What can you, an investor, understand here? An indisputable fact, that credits will become even more popular. The situation is severe now - many banks try to complicate crediting conditions. So, people will seek alternative platforms. And it will be profitable for them to pay on time, as it will improve their reputation as borrowers.