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100% safe investments in P2P loans with high returns

100% safe investments in P2P loans with returns of up to 13%

How Is Peer2Peer Investment Working for Clients?

Let's understand how P2P investment works. It is the new alternative to a bank loan where a client invests a certain sum of money, and the online investment provider splits this investment between many borrowers. Compared to banks, online P2P investment platform clients with higher rates, so they can get bigger returns. This is the main reason why investing in P2P loans os getting more and more popular.

Ekassa offers clients investing in P2P loans easily and fast: we help our clients to get high returns from their investments without too many risks. All you need to do is choose the sum of the planned investment and the period for your investment (it is possible to invest for 1, 3, or 6 months), and at the end, you can get your money back, plus receive a good profit up to 12.8%! Please be aware the amount of yield depends on a package you choose.

How Peer 2 Peer Investment Is Different from a Bank Investment

You may be interested in how peer to peer investment is different from the situation when you invest money in savings accounts, and the answer is you can get a bigger profit. Ekassa provides clients with attractive returns. Try to compare our rates with a standard bank savings account, and you will see that it is possible to get a much higher profit with our company!

Ekassa provides more flexible terms for all investors compared to the savings accounts: clients can choose a sum, package, and a suitable loan period for the current situation. The question 'How much to invest in P2P?' is only a client's response because we do not set an upper limit to the sum you can invest. The minimal sum is 10 EUR, and you are free to invest as much money as you want.

In many banks, you cannot get your funds back before the investment period ends. They allow a client to get the money and profit back only after a fixed date in the investment contract. Ekassa is more flexible: we allow clients to make a pre-term return on their investments (full or partial). In this case, you have to pay the fee which is only 1% of the returned sum.

Can you see how peer2peer investment is easy, profitable and safe in our company? Start investing your money with Ekassa right now and get high returns easily and fast without wasting your precious time and nerves! The process of registration and investment will take just a few minutes.

1Choose amount and duration


Please choose how much you want to invest, from €10 to €2,000
Which currency would you like to invest in?


How long do you want to invest for?

2Choose your desired return

7.4%The annual gross interest rate. Guaranteed for this product
100% Buy back
Guaranteed income
Guaranteed return Return is guaranteed for this product
1037.10 EUR
9% - 11%This is the return you could expect, excluding estimated bad debts. The actual return may be higher or lower depending on the loans in the portfolio
100% Buy back
Not guaranteed income
Expected return The expected return is calculated by taking investment amount, annual min an max expected return and a period of investment. Interest in this package isn`t guaranteed.
1045.12 - 1055.15 EUR


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    Our Autoinvest functionality automatically diversifies your investment to spread your risk


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    Our "Guaranteed Package" offers a guaranteed return from 7% on your investment


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