100% safe investments in P2P loans with high returns

100% safe investments in P2P loans with returns of up to 13%

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Why Working with Ekassa Peer To Peer Platform Is Comfortable?

Loyalty for the Investors

Finding a passive income today is a little bit complicated. Mostly, people do not know how to combine regular job and personal life. Luckily, with our platform, you receive a confident mean of getting money without huge time intake and effort consumption. Our experts have prepared various strategies for you to choose from. It is up to you how much and how fast you want to earn money.

Risk Evaluation

With the whole attractiveness of the private investment scheme, we cannot exclude all risks. The biggest one is owned by an investor: a company can become bankrupt or some difficulties with loan payments can appear. In order to minimize this risk, a competent evaluation of a project must be performed. If a P2P platform has a low rate of non-refunding, it means that this task is successfully completed by the platform. The quality of lending is the main factor to consider when you choose a reliable platform for P2P investment.

How to Make the Right Choice?

These are the parameters you have to think about in your p2p lending platform reviews:

  • The age of a company. If a company exists for more than one year, its business strategy is right and activity is legal.
  • The growth of the number of clients and money turnover. Any company has the information about these ratios to analyze and make a conclusion about its success.
  • A website. The website must have a pleasant and comfortable interface, a developed system of personal data protection. Besides that, reliable companies try to be as transparent as possible and offer the full information about their activities.

Ekassa is one of the peer to peer lending platform means that meet all the listed requirements.

Ekassa P2P loan platform Is the Best Choice for Investors

It started its activity in 2012 and specializes in financing small and medium companies of any form of ownership. For now, it is among the leaders of this segment. There are a lot of investors and borrowers registered, and their number grows from day to day. Many of them return to the company.

The P2P network lending platform offers investors a possibility of low risk and comfortable money lending. Wise investments with applying a profound strategy can bring you up to 7-13% of annual incomes. Every project and every borrower pass through the accurate analysis.

The experts of the P2P online lending platform provide clients with a number of services aimed to protect the interest of investors, legal registration of documentation, control of incomes, etc. For the guarantee of the money being returned there is option called Buyback.

1Choose amount and duration


Please choose how much you want to invest, from €10 to €2,000



How long do you want to invest for?

2Choose your desired return

9% - 11%This is the return you could expect, excluding estimated bad debts. The actual return may be higher or lower depending on the loans in the portfolio
100% Buy back
Not guaranteed income
Expected return The expected return is calculated by taking investment amount, annual min an max expected return and a period of investment. Interest in this package isn`t guaranteed.
3270.00 - 3330.00 EUR
7.4%The annual gross interest rate. Guaranteed for this product
100% Buy back
Guaranteed income
Guaranteed return Return is guaranteed for this product
3222 EUR

How it works

Add funds
Fast and easy registration
Transfer money in EUR
Choose one of 2 packages based on risk and return
Start earning up to 13% a year
Fast and easy registration
Add funds
Transfer money in EUR
Choose one of 2 packages based on risk and return
Start earning up to 13% a year

Our benefits


    Our Autoinvest functionality automatically diversifies your investment to spread your risk


    Get your investment back at any time, so you stay in control


    Our "Guaranteed Package" offers a guaranteed return from 7% on your investment


    Market-beating rates of up to 13% a year with our high-return "Profitable Package"

Help For a Beginning Investor

Money investing is a great way to improve your financial situation. On the other hand, there is always a risk to appear without profit and the whole investment. So, if you are an amateur, you will need some help.

The ways of this help are tightly connected with the chosen way of investment. For example, if you decided to give money for a new business, useful information will contain the market analysis and the estimation of money refund ratio. In case you prefer betting, help will contain sports forecasts and expert opinions.

For those, who decide to make a bank deposit, workers of a financial establishment will provide a consultation. They will get you acquainted with a range of products, legal information, will help to pick a deposit that suits better your request.

If you choose the P2P investment on Ekassa peer to peer lending software platform, you will also get the needed help. For your comfort, you will get scoring and interest rates. Comparing the default risks with the predicted incomes you will be able to choose the most suitable variant for you, a variant that is worth your investment.

All strategies you can find on the platform are prepared and revised by financial specialists. They have got huge experience in the sphere and know how to make your potential andreal profits greater. They will indicate possible risks as well.

Nothing can give an ultimate protection from risks in an investing activity. However professional and timely consulting for investments will help to minimize the possible risks. So, you will be able to raise your chances to have a profitable financial activity.

11 Principles of Investing Through P2P Platforms

Not a long time ago new players in the financial market appeared in Europe - P2P platforms.This is a relevant, actual and highly desired mean of money making, In order to work correctly with this financial instrument, learn these 11 principles of proper investment:

  • Diversify: bring some variety into your investments. Investing in different loans will minimize your risks.
  • Learn: you can get, analyze, compare and study the information about loans and possible ways of getting money from our platform. Our experts gather all important aspects.
  • Reinvest: money has to work, so you have to invest it into new projects manually or automatically.
  • Plan: be ready to face the limited liquidity.
  • Evaluate: you can consider the loans: their longitude, amount of risks and possibility to use the Buyback feature.
  • Count: there are three different strategies for you to choose from. Pick the most suitable or try them all simultaneously. .
  • Inspect: learn your possibilities to earn money.
  • Perform Experiments: never stop on one borrower. Check different interest rates and play with ratings.
  • Risk: invest money even with a low Buyback feature. Understand, that without a risk you will never get profitable interest rates.
  • Develop: learn something about P2P investments. Read articles, watch videos, use every possibility to learn something new.
  • Begin: invest a small sum without delays.

That is how you can get an experience with a P2P platform and learn its mechanics before investing really big sums.