Privacy policy

This privacy policy gives you an overview of the data and information we collect from you when you use our services, how we use this collected information, who we share it with and what are your rights in relation to it. We follow very strict guidelines on handling your information, based on the European Union and the Estonian Personal Data Protection laws. This privacy policy is applicable to the Users who are natural persons and does not cover those Users who are legal persons. Terms used in this Privacy Policy have the respective meaning as described in the Terms of Use.

Information Collected

Information we collect from you can be divided to the following categories:
1. Personal information (e.g name, personal identification code, date of birth, address, gender, identification document information, bank name, bank account number);
2. Contact information (e.g email address, mobile phone);
3. Transaction information and browsing data – (e.g services used on our website, IP address, browser type, preferences, investment goals, incoming payments, communication).
This abovementioned information we might get from following sources:
1. You (e.g data inserted and shared by you, the way you use our Platform, what digital devices you use, communication, cookies);
2. Third parties (e.g publicly available resources, credit reference agencies, cooperation and affiliated partners);
3. State and commercial Institutions.

Information Used

In order for us to provide you the services available via Platform you might need to submit us or to our partners data necessary for providing our services. If you fail to provide us the data, we are not able to provide you the services.
We might use the information collected about you for the following reasons:
1. Manage your User account with us;
2. Verify your identity and any other information you have provided to us;
3. Prevent or detect fraud, money laundering or other crime;
4. To improve the quality of our Platform and services;
5. To establish, exercise and defend legal claims;
6. Analyze and improve our services for you;
7. Develop and offer you new services;
8. Conduct statistical reports from information collected to evaluate our business, activities and quality of our services;
9. To offer you any other services and products provided by us or our group companies;
10. Contact you;
11. To promote our services via Platform or via your contact information;
12. Sending you servicing and marketing messages;
13. Regulatory reporting;
14. Any other legal manner.

Information Shared

We may share your information with the following third parties for the purposes described above:
1. Group companies;
2. Co-operation partners (e.g third-party data processors, marketing service providers, accounting companies etc.);
3. State and commercial institutions (e.g police, courts, credit reference agencies etc.);
4. Collection agencies and lawyers;
5. To anyone whom we may transfer part of our activities or assets.
We guarantee that access to User information is limited to the company's employees, whose duties require access to such data. All iaPlatform employees are required to keep information confidential and are forbidden to share it with the third parties unless reasons stated above.

Information Stored

Information is stored and archived on a secure server with access limited to a number of people. Security is enforced through rigorous privacy protection standards performed by dedicated third party partners.

Information Security

A number of Internet security measures have been added to ensure that information is processed, transmitted and archived securely.
Servers are located at a data center in Germany and operated by Hetzner.
Hetzner online is certified in accordance with din ISO/IEC 27001 The internationally recognized standard for information security certifies that Hetzner Online GmbH has established and implemented an appropriate information security management system (ISMS). Hetzner Online utilizes the ISMS in its infrastructure and complete operations for the data center parks in both locations, Nuremberg and Falkenstein. FOX Certification, a third party certification authority, audited Hetzner Online's data center parks for the certification process.
The companies have enforced physical and virtual security 24/7. All internal movements within the data center are monitored by proximity card readers and infra-red intruder sensors.
At Ekassa security breaches are identified, monitored and warded off by software and hardware firewalls.

Your Rights

We need to inform you about what information is collected, from where information is collected, how information is used, to whom this information is shared, how long this information is kept and what your rights in relation to it are. This information is provided to you on our Website (if applicable) and in this Privacy Policy.
You have a right to access your information. We must submit you the overview of the information we have on you unless there is a legal reasons not to comply with this request. We aim to provide you the information as soon as possible with free of charge. Please note when you request the personal information more than twice a year we have a right to charge a fee to cover our costs for providing you that information. Please e-mail us at
You have a right to ask for correction of your inaccurate or incomplete date. Please e-mail us at
You have a right to ask us to erase your information. We have a right to refuse the request if the continuation of the information is necessary for the fulfilment of the contractual obligations or if such obligation arises from applicable legislation. Please e-mail us at
You have a right to ask us to restrict processing information and revoke your prior consent for such information processing. We have a right to refuse the request if processing is for the establishing or exercise of defense of legal claims. Please e-mail us at
You have a right to receive your personal information submitted to us by yourself for purpose of transferring this information to another service provider. Please e-mail us at

Retaining Information

We will keep your information until we are legally required to do so. When information processing and storing is no longer required under applicable legislation it is removed from the registry.


We use “cookies” which are small text files placed on your hard drive by a web page server. This allows us to collect certain information from your web browser. Please see Cookie Policy for additional information.

Links to Third Party Websites

Links to third party websites from/to Ekassa website are provided solely as an access point to obtain useful information on services or topics that may be needed to the users of our platform. Please note that third party websites may have different privacy policies and/or security standards governing their sites.

About Ekassa

iaPlatform OÜ is incorporated in Estonia under company registration number 1448898, having its registered office at Ahtri 12, Tallinn, Estonia, 10151.
This Policy was updated on 26th of June 2018.

Cookie policy

What is a Cookie?

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What Cookies Does the Company Use?

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