Risk management

Investing in P2P consumer loans offers some of the highest rates of return available to private investors, and as the market for P2P loan investments continues to experience rapid growth it could be easy to get carried away with demand. For Ekassa as an investment platform, responsible investing is our absolute priority and we have developed a comprehensive risk management framework to give both you and us the peace of mind that we have every possible type of risk covered. By managing the various different risks involved in consumer loans, from loan delinquency to currency exchange risk to collections efficiency, we can be sure that when you select one of our packages based on the risk/return profile you feel comfortable with, that you’re not taking on more risk than necessary.

We have a full range of risk management precautions, including:


In-depth risk scoring: lenders conduct scoring using more than 50 different parameters, analysing borrowers’ accounts, cash flow, and credit history in not fewer than three credit bureaux. Loans are re-checked thoroughly before they appear on the Ekassa platform.


Provider lock-in: we ensure that the loan provider stays involved throughout the process, especially if collection activity is involved. We do this by retaining 10% of the disbursed loan amount on the loan provider’s balance, so it is still on the hook if there are any late repayments.


Rigorous collections: we ensure a very robust collections process to make sure that late payers are contacted actively as soon as they miss a payment and we rectify their behaviour immediately.


Diversification: we diversify as much as we can to spread and minimise risk, distributing the investment in small amounts across of hundreds of different borrowers and loan types. The maximum investment allocation to one loan is 100 EUR.


Buyback: finally, our Buyback option means you can choose to protect part or all of your investment, so your investment is guaranteed.